Wait List Information

Wait List Information

Wait List Information:
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If your first choice of session is full, please choose the wait list option for that session. You'll see the wait list sessions at the bottom of the list, under the regular sessions.
When we receive your registration, if we are able to get you into your first choice, we will do that and send you a invoice so you can pay.
If your first choice is full but there are openings in your second choice, we'll put you into that session.
If your first and second choices are both full but there are openings in your third choice, we'll put you into that session.
If we put you into your second or third choice, we will also put you on the waiting list for your first choice only if you check indicate you want us to when you register.
If we are not able to get you into any of your choices, we will send you an email indicating that you are on the waiting list. 

Frequently asked questions about waiting lists:

How will I know if I’m put on a waiting list?
If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be notified by email.

If I’m placed on a waiting list, when will I know if openings become available?
If we get a cancellation and you are next on the waiting list, we will contact you. We keep bunkmates together, so if there is only one opening, we will call somebody who registered to come alone, even if your registration was received earlier. If your camper is willing to come alone, let our registrar know so she can note that on your registration. It may increase your chances of getting in.

If I’m placed on a waiting list, what are my chances of getting in?
That’s hard to say because we never know how many cancellations we are going to get. We do have a lot of cancellations and sometimes if we have cabins and staff available and the wait list is long, we can expand capacity. Sometimes we get cancellations just a week before camp begins. Sometimes we even have no-shows at check-in, in which case we may call and offer the spot to someone on the waiting list. So it’s a good idea to keep your calendar open for the session(s) you are on the waiting list. Last year we were able to take over 400 campers from our waiting list.

Can I call GENEVA and find out where I am on the waiting list?
Because of the amount of activity in the waiting list (we are adding and/or removing names daily), we are unable to tell you exactly where you fall on the list.

If I decide I don’t want to take my chances that an opening will occur in the week I want and decide to attend another camp, should I let GENEVA know?
Yes, please email us or call 616.399.3150 so we can remove your name from the list and return your check (if you paid by check).