Shores Quotes

Shores Quotes

Parent Quotes:
This was my child’s first camp experience and I was very impressed with how positive and energetic the staff was. My son had the time of his life and is already talking about next year! Thank you so much for offering such a positive and comfortable environment for these kids to really shine. – Holly Roelofs, Grand Rapids, MI
My son had so much fun! He’s already asked me five times if he can go again next year! – Angie Flak, Grand Rapids, MI
He says it was the “best week of his life.” He also says Camp Geneva is his “real” home. Just the fact that these older guys who are super cool were modeling their faith had a huge impact on our son. – [unknown]
This is the second year my child went to Camp Geneva, and I must say she has had the most positive experiences with her counselors. They are caring, loving, supportive, Christ–centered, and they make them feel special and loved. – Maria Larsen, Holland, MI
In the car ride home, the first thing my child told me was all of the things he learned this week about his relationship with God. He couldn’t believe that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. He said, “Mom, we should be washing God’s feet because he does so much for us.” – Roberta Parker, Zeeland, MI
Camper Quotes:

This was my very first week at Camp Geneva and I love it. I met great and nice people. My counselor is amazing – I love her very much. This week really helped me grow closer to God with the chaplains and Bible study; I believe in God a lot stronger. Thank you for everything and making this a great week everyone! – Felicia Loewen

I love Camp Geneva so, so much and I’m so excited to go to Camp Geneva next year at Pines, but I will miss Shores so much and all the counselors. Camp Geneva has helped my faith grow and I am very grateful! Camp Geneva is the best camp in the world! – Hannah Douthitt
My counselor and Camp Geneva have helped my faith grow. He has encouraged me to love God more than anything. – Caleb Schaible

Because of what I learned at camp, I will …

Start talking to God more when I have problems. – Keagan Cano
Convince my mom to bring me to church and I will pray more often. – Maison Hagger
Read the Bible more often; pray to Him every night. – Chloe DeJonge
Not accept baggage; talk to God more. – Madison Heslinga
Have the “glory” (glory ribboning). – Sarah Boerigter
Be more happy for what I have and be grateful! – MacKenzie Campbell
Go to God more often. – Zach Bumgarner
Be more respectful. – Jarrett VanderWilp
Be more RESPONSIBLE; Do more of what my parents ask and never stretch the truth. – Isabella Kephart
Always trust God and know that he will never let you down and always forgive you. – Olivia Grogan