I’m New-Summer Camp

I’m New-Summer Camp

What can campers expect at camp?

After you check-in, you will head to your cabin to meet your counselor and the other campers in your cabin. The counselor will ask camper parents to sign in and state who will pick the camper up on the last day of camp.

We establish a daily routine to give campers comfort and familiarity throughout the week. Each day follows the same basic schedule which includes large-group, cabin-group, and friend-group opportunities. Along with times of worship and Bible study, there are all-camp games, opportunites for swimming, a variety of sports, arts and crafts, adventure activities for older campers, as well as times to have build community with friends and staff.

To see a schedule of a typical camp day, click the link below.

Day Camp 1st-4th grades     Shores 4th-6th grades     Pines 7th-9th grades

How do you hire your staff?

GENEVA takes great pride in its staff. To be considered for a summer position, candidates submit a written application, which includes references and background checks. Face-to-face interviews follow to ensure that our staff have excellent character and integrity.

Staff arrive on camp almost 2 weeks before the first group of campers do, for training that includes everything from getting CPR certified, to working with homesick campers, to Bible study leadership methods. Typically staff are college students, while others have recently graduated or are just entering college. All have felt God's call on their life and desire to serve Him by ministering to campers this summer.

My daughter’s counselor built a great relationship with our daughter. She gave great counsel and challenged our daughter to get involved. This was her best year at camp…EVER! She wants to come back and said she’d love to be a counselor at Geneva someday. - Camper Parent, Allendale, MI

How is camp different than going to church, VBS, youth group, etc?

We strive to work with the church, acknowledging that faith development is a life-long process and we only get one week a year. A camp experience is not a replacement for these activites, rather it serves to reinforce what is taught in the church in a unique context. Living together in a faith community, like the one formed at camp, allows walls to quickly come down and campers to consider their faith as an every-moment-of-life foundation rather than a compartmentalized dynamic that works itself into life on Sunday, during mission trips, or only with fellow believers.

What do other parents say about Camp Geneva? - Sometimes when you are considering a new venture, you want to know what others have found when they tried it. Here are links to what last summer’s parents had to say about having their child at Camp Geneva.
Day Camp - entering 1st-4th grades in the fall
Shores - entering 3rd-6th grades in the fall
Pines - entering 7th-9th grades in the fall
Preparing your child for camp - how to create a positive experience for your child before they attend camp.
May we tour camp? The 3rd Sunday in May, Camp Geneva has Community Open House. This would be an ideal opportunity to tour the camp. Our staff will be there to answer any questions you may have. If the open house doesn't fit your schedule, we also offer tour days and individual tours. To schedule a tour, please call 616.399.3150 or email us

Can I see photos of where I'll be staying? Sleeping? Eating? We have something even better!

Shores Virtual Tour - For Day Camp, Shores, CITs, and some High School camps

Pines Virtual Tour - For Pines & some High School camps

Check out our Summer Camp highlight video!

What about other questions I may have?

There are many things you might be wondering about, as you consider a camp experience for your child; what about special needs, special dietary needs, emotional needs like homesickness, calendar conflicts,  financial constraints, and social concerns, like whether to bring a friend or not. Here are some further frequently asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any of these questions and more, at 616.399.3150 or email us.