Summer Camp 2018 Availability
Please note: This page is updated manually and therefore is not as up to date
as the online registration form that updates in real time.
This is just meant to give you a general idea of how things are filling up.

Day Camp

DatesSession  Grades  Boys  Girls
June 11-15 - Imagination WeekD11st-3rdFullFull
June 18-22D2L1st-2ndFullFull
June 18-22 - Thursday OvernightD2R3rd-4th FullFull
June 25-30D31st-3rdFullFull
July 2-6D4L1st-2ndOpenOpen
July 2-6 - Thursday OvernightD4R3rd-4thAlmost FullAlmost Full
July 9-13D5L1st-3rdFullFull
July 9-13 - Spanish Language & CultureD5R2nd-4thAlmost FullAlmost Full
July 16-20D6L1st-2ndFullFull
July 16-20 - Thursday OvernightD6R3rd-4thFullFull
July 23-27D71st-3rdFullFull
July 30-August 3D81st-3rdAlmost FullAlmost Full
August 6-10D9L1st-2ndFullFull
August 6-10 - Thursday OvernightD9R3rd-4thFullFull
August 13-16D101st-3rdAlmost FullAlmost Full



DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16 - Imagination WeekS14th-6thOpenOpen
June 18-22S24th-6thFullFull
June 25-30S34th-6thFullFull
July 2-7 -
Multi-Culture Celebration Week
July 9-13S54th-6thFullFull
July 16-21S64th-6thFull Full
July 23-27S74th-6thFullFull
July 30-August 1 - Special ClosingS8A3rd-4thAlmost FullAlmost Full
August 2-4 - Special ClosingS8B3rd-4thOpenOpen
August 6-11S94th-6thFullFull
August 13-17S104th-6thFull Full



DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16P17th-9thOpenOpen
June 18-22P27th-9thAlmost FullAlmost Full
June 25-30P37th-9thAlmost FullFull
July 2-7P47th-9thOpenOpen
July 2-7 - CONNECTH47th-12thOpenN/A
July 9-13P57th-9thAlmost FullFull
July 16-21P67th-9thFullFul
July 23-27 - Beach WeekP77th-9thFullFull
July 30-August 4P87th-9thFullFull
August 6-11P97th-9thAlmost FullFull
August 13-17P107th-9thAlmost FullFull


High School

Please note: If you are interested in a High School session that shows full, we would encourage you to register for the waiting list. We have a few campers in the High School sessions who will cancel if they are accepted into the CIT program. Interviews for the CIT program are early in March so we anticipate some openings in the High School sessions after that. 

DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16 - Classic GENEVAH110th-Grade-
College Freshman
June 18-22 - Pack & PaddleH210th-Grade-
College Freshman
June 25-30 - Water WeekH310th-Grade-
College Freshman


July 2-7 - CONNECTH47th-12th GradesOpenN/A
July 16-21 - Classic GENEVAH610th-Grade-
College Freshman
Almost FullFull
August 6-11 - Classic GENEVAH910th-Grade-
College Freshman



DatesSession  GradesRegistration Deadline
July 2-13 - CITC410th grade -
College Freshman

February 28

July 23-August 4 - CITC710th grade -
College Freshman
February 28