Summer Camp 2018 Availability
Please note: This page is updated manually and therefore is not as up to date
as the online registration form that updates in real time.
This is just meant to give you a general idea of how things are filling up.

Day Camp

DatesSession  Grades  Boys  Girls
June 11-15 - Imagination WeekD11st-3rdOpenOpen
June 18-22D2L1st-2ndFullFull
June 18-22 - Thursday OvernightD2R3rd-4th FullFull
June 25-30D31st-3rdAlmost FullAlmost Full
July 2-6D4L1st-2ndOpenOpen
July 2-6 - Thursday OvernightD4R3rd-4thOpenOpen
July 9-13D5L1st-3rdOpenOpen
July 9-13 - Spanish Language & CultureD5R2nd-4thOpenOpen
July 16-20D6L1st-2ndAlmost FullAlmost Full
July 16-20 - Thursday OvernightD6R3rd-4thFullFull
July 23-27D71st-3rdFullFull
July 30-August 3D81st-3rdOpenOpen
August 6-10D9L1st-2ndFullFull
August 6-10 - Thursday OvernightD9R3rd-4thFullFull
August 13-16D101st-3rdOpenOpen



DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16 - Imagination WeekS14th-6thOpenOpen
June 18-22S24th-6thAlmost FullOpen
June 25-30S34th-6thFullAlmost Full
July 2-7 -
Multi-Culture Celebration Week
July 9-13S54th-6thFullOpen
July 16-21S64th-6thFull Open
July 23-27S74th-6thFullFull
July 30-August 1 - Special ClosingS8A3rd-4thOpenOpen
August 2-4 - Special ClosingS8B3rd-4thOpenOpen
August 6-11S94th-6thFullFull
August 13-17S104th-6thOpenOpen



DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16P17th-9thOpenOpen
June 18-22P27th-9thOpenAlmost Full
June 25-30P37th-9thAlmost FullFull
July 2-7P47th-9thOpenOpen
July 2-7 - CONNECTH47th-12thOpenN/A
July 9-13P57th-9thOpenAlmost Full
July 16-21P67th-9thAlmost FullFul
July 23-27 - Beach WeekP77th-9thFullFull
July 30-August 4P87th-9thOpenOpen
August 6-11P97th-9thAlmost FullFull
August 13-17P107th-9thOpenOpen


High School

DatesSession  Grades    Boys    Girls  
June 11-16 - Classic GENEVAH110th-Grade-
College Freshman
Almost FullAlmost Full
June 18-22 - Pack & PaddleH210th-Grade-
College Freshman
Almost FullAlmost Full
June 25-30 - Water WeekH310th-Grade-
College Freshman


July 2-7 - CONNECTH47th-12th GradesOpenN/A
July 16-21 - Classic GENEVAH610th-Grade-
College Freshman
Almost FullFull
August 6-11 - Classic GENEVAH910th-Grade-
College Freshman
OpenAlmost Full



DatesSession  GradesRegistration Deadline
July 2-13 - CITC410th grade -
College Freshman

February 28

July 23-August 4 - CITC710th grade -
College Freshman
February 28