Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

Allergies & Special Dietary Needs

Camp Geneva is blessed to provide food service through partnership with Creative Dining Services. As instances of fruit, nut, gluten, dairy, egg and other allergies and sensitivities become more common, this relationship offers expertise in nutrition and the ability to navigate many special dietary restrictions with confidence.

The following outlines how it all comes together:

When registering, simply indicate the child's dietary needs on the registration form. From there, the information goes to both our food service director and our camp health officer.

In the case of severe food allergies, our food service director will contact you approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your child's arrival to discuss any concerns. He will have the ingredient list for the entire summer's menu available, as well as applicable substitutions tailored to your child's needs.

The camp health officer will also be prepared to respond to any allergen exposure and will have equipped your child's counselor to work towards exposure prevention.

At the first camp meal, a member of the food service staff will introduce themselves to your child and help ensure they know which foods they may eat from the main menu and which foods have a substitute provided for them. This staff member will continue to serve as a resource for your child throughout the week, striving to make sure they have a balanced meal with the appropriate options. 

It is our desire that all children be able to experience camp without concern or anxiety about dietary restrictions. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 616.399.3150 or 800.808.0808 or email us.

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