Red Cross Guidelines

Red Cross Guidelines

Determining the appropriate level for your child using the Red Cross Guidelines:
If your student has taken a Red Cross-sponsored swimming lesson in the past, refer to the last card he or she received. Please use the following guidelines to determine what level is appropriate for your child.. Please keep in mind that often children need to take a level more than once in order to pass it. The average ages given below are meant as a guideline.

Preschool Level 1

  • Age 4-5
  • Orients children to aquatic environment and helps them gain basic aquatic skills. Help participants begin to develop positive attitudes and safe practices around water.

Preschool Level 2

  • Age 4-5
  • Build on the basic aquatic skills and water safety skills and concepts learned in Level 1.

Preschool Level 3

  • Age 4-5
  • Build on the skills learned in Levels 1 & 2 to help participants achieve basic water competency in a pool environment.

Level 1- Introduction to aquatic skills

  • Age 6 and up
  • Level 1 - helps students feel comfortable in the water. Includes: Blow bubbles through mouth and nose; bobbing; open eyes and retrieve submerged object; front and back glides and floats; treading water; roll from front to back and back to front, water safety skills

Level 2- Fundamental Aquatic Skills

  • Average age 6-8
  • Level 2 - gives students success with fundamental skills. Includes: Entering and exiting by stepping or jumping from side of pool; fully submerge and hold breath; front, jellyfish and tuck floats; front and back glides and floats; treading water; combined arm and leg actions on front and back, water safety skills

Level 3 - Stroke Development

  • Average age 6-9
  • Level 3 - builds on the skills learned in Level 2. Includes: enter by jumping from side of pool; headfirst entries from side in sitting and kneeling positions; bobbing while moving toward safety; rotary breathing; survival float; flutter, scissor, dolphin and breast stroke on front; front crawl and elementary back stroke, water safety skills

Level 4 - Stroke Improvement

  • Average age 7-10
  • Level 4 - develops confidence in the skills previously learned. Includes: headfirst entries from side in compact and stride positions; swim under water; feet first surface dive; survival swimming; front crawl and back stroke open turns; tread water using two different strokes; flutter and dolphin kicks on back, water safety skills

Level 5 -Stroke Refinement

  • Average age 8-11
  • Level 5 provides further coordination and refinement of strokes. Includes: shallow angle dive from side then glide and begin front stroke; tuck and pike surface dives; submerge completely; front flip turn and backstroke flip turn while swimming; practice all strokes, water safety skills