GENEVA’s Hospitality Team

February11, 2016

It is often assumed that once the summer staff and campers leave, the gates are locked and camp is closed until the next summer. This is not the case! More than 12,000 youth and adults will participate in a retreat, conference or special event held on the GENEVA campus during the nine months from fall to spring this year, in fact January is one of the busiest times of year at GENEVA.

A vital part of the Retreat Ministry is our hosting staff consisting of nine young adults this season, many of which have been past summer staff. The hosts represent GENEVA in greeting guests and meeting needs of our retreat groups during weeknights and weekends. The position seeks to provide experiences in Christian growth, hands-on camping ministry and personal development opportunities.

At the heart of GENEVA is hospitality, to create an environment where the presence of God is experienced, the love of Christ is demonstrated, and a Spirit-filled life is inspired. The GENEVA ministry has been blessed by hosting staff who have shown a passion for interacting and serving our guests, truly being the hands and feet of the ministry. When asked about her hosting experience this past year, Erin Skidmore said, “Retreat season is full of peaceful energy, a chance to experience GENEVA in a way that is welcoming, warm, and allows time and space for connecting; connecting to creation and connecting to others. As part of the hosting staff, it was a gift to serve retreat guests and it was quite fun getting to meet many different people in many walks of life. It was also a great joy to observe the way the beauty of GENEVA’s landscape allowed guests to breathe deeper and relax more fully into their time spent on the grounds. I found it an honor to be a part of GENEVA’s Hosting team and will carry that experience forward in future endeavors.”

From a youth retreat gathering on the Chapel deck overlooking a sunset, to an adult retreat worshipping in the Retreat Center, our hosting staff is excited to welcome and assist groups as they find GENEVA to be a place of building community, rest, and renewal. In this retreat season, it is our sincere hope that God’s power and presence will be evident to all who walk on these sacred grounds.